All Breed Dog Training
All Breed Dog Training
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Training in the Home for Quality, Life-long companionship. Behavior problems are welcome!


Accredited dog trainer Melanie MartinAt All Breed Dog Training, it is our sincere desire to make a significant difference in the lives of dogs and their owners so that both may experience the joy of canine companionship. A well-trained and obedient dog offers much in terms of love, care, and affection, and they bring untold richness and enjoyment to the lives of their owners. A dog with obedience skills is a happy member of the family.

Credentialed, Humane, and Effective Dog Training

Training in the home in basic obedience and house manners is the most effective way to train your dog. This comprehensive canine educational program is for all breeds of puppies and adult dogs alike. Behavior problems are welcome. Our aim is to provide you with an enjoyable experience and a well-trained dog.

"Good manners and stability
are perfectly compatible with spoiling"

Happy Dog Training ClientThe dog training techniques are simple, humane, and effective, and are suited to the individual dog's personality and the lifestyle of the owner. The techniques promote a bonding experience through which the dog views the training as fun and willingly gives its attention to the tasks at hand. Affection and praise are never out of place, and long practice sessions are not necessary; rather, lessons are applied around the house and during walks. All Breed Dog Training also offers the perfect program for the dog lover who wishes to be indulgent and worries that training precludes spoiling and pampering. The result of the program is a quality, rewarding relationship between dogs and their owners in the home, during travel, or in the business setting, with the realization that a trained dog is a happy dog.

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