All Breed Dog Training
All Breed Dog Training
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Training in the Home for Quality, Life-long companionship. Behavior problems are welcome!


Having trained thousands of dogs and puppies all across the country, Melanie has received a great deal of feedback from her clients. Read a sampling below.


Jean Cooper with her dog Hawk"I just wanted to thank you for your patient and encouraging lessons. I began the training of Hawk with anxiety that his behavioral problems were permanent and ended with confidence in taking him out. Thank you again for being such a good instructor." - Jean Cooper

"I just wanted to tell you that Buh Buh is doing fine. He is very kind-hearted, sweet, and listens when you tell him to do something. I appreciate all of your valuable instruction." - John A. Feist, KOA 850 AM Radio

"Bailey is wonderful. Everything I learned from you has been so helpful. I get so many compliments on what a well-behaved dog she has become! Thanks for everything!"  - Jeanne Eastman

"Tegi has really been a hit! People were shocked and full of comments. Having such a well-mannered dog has been fun! Thanks again for everything - especially the stay command. Tegi has brought a smile to many faces besides my own."  - Mitzi Pearlman

"Kisha is a wonderful dog. She is bright and good with children and is incredibly well-behaved. Thanks Melanie - you were instrumental in our success." - Tracy Chidester

"She [Melanie Martin] is everything she told you about herself, and I would highly recommend her. Her vast experience in the field of dog training and her integrity as a trainer make her tops in our book!"  - Janice and Wayne Thompson

"Melanie, you are a miracle worker ! Sammy and Annie are very different pooches from what they were one week ago. They no longer go crazy when somebody passes by on the street. They don't pull on the leashes when we're walking in the park , and they no longer charge the fence in the backyard. Thank you so much, Melanie!" - Jim Sathe        

Obedience dog trainer - Melanie Martin

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