All Breed Dog Training
All Breed Dog Training
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Training in the Home for Quality, Life-long companionship. Behavior problems are welcome!


Melanie Martin - Experienced dog trainerAt All Breed Dog Training, we offer complete and individualized dog training programs at your home where the problems are (or at other convenient venues including local parks, malls, or elsewhere) in basic obedience commands and house manners essential to a well-mannered dog. A variety of training programs for new puppies or adult dogs are available to meet every need and price range. Your best friend will receive the basic obedience commands for home, business, and travel using verbal commands and hand signals. The trainer first teaches your dog while you watch. When your dog understands what is expected of them, we then show you how to easily control your dog without bribing, yelling, depending on endless, repetitious commands, or extraneous (and frequently ineffective) training devices.

Established Dog Training Methods that Work

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Extensive and result-oriented treatment for housebreaking, destructive chewing, jumping, mouthing, hyperactivity, shyness, digging, snapping or biting, bolting from the door, scratching, barking, rummaging through garbage and more are core aspects of the services offered by All Breed Dog Training. Beginning with the first lesson, you will see your dog calm down and refrain from impulsive behavior. The lessons are positive and instructive. Your dog is guided into acceptable behavior as it acquires the capability to cope with the distractions which are a part of its everyday environment.

Melanie with her dogOur modern, humane techniques produce optimal, timely, and lasting results. Training in basic obedience and house manners serves as a bonding process which is fun and which puts your dog in the center of attention. There is never any punishment associated with the training; instead, easy-going, understandable techniques are integrated with consistency, praise, and affection as your dog's innate desire to please is invoked. The owner is also assured that good manners and stability are perfectly compatible with "spoiling".

The effective dog training approach endorsed and utilized by All Breed Dog Training uses proven handling techniques which allow your dog to perform with proficiency and composure according to their own unique personality; in other words, at their best. These state-of-the-art handling techniques, observed and approved by leading veterinarians, are based on a thorough understanding of canine psychology and more than forty years of dog training experience.

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