All Breed Dog Training
All Breed Dog Training
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Training in the Home for Quality, Life-long companionship. Behavior problems are welcome!


Dog training companyListed below are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding the scope of our services. If you have additional dog training questions, or would like to contact Melanie in person, please visit the contact section of the website.

What kind of dogs do you work with?

At All Breed Dog Training, we work with all sorts of dogs, puppies and adults alike. All breeds, sizes, temperaments, ages, and backgrounds are welcome. Dogs with established behavioral problems are also welcome.

What is unique about your dog training company?

Through our established practices and individualized dog training programs, we are dedicated to educating both canines and their owners. Our primary goal is to ensure the highest quality of companionship during the life of your dog. At All Breed Dog Training, we use methods suited to your dog's unique personality, also offering the perfect program for the dog lover who wishes to be indulgent; in other words, we encourage owners to spoil and pamper the dogs while they gain the necessary skills in obedience and training.

Why does our dog need to be trained?

The difference between a well-mannered dog and a disobedient dog can be stark; that is, the quality of the experience the owner has with their dog during their pet's lifetime depends largely on how well they interact. A well-trained, well-mannered dog offers optimal companionship and significantly reduces the frustrations associated with a disobedient dog, ensuring your dog's future in the home.

How long do typical sessions last?

Sessions last from one hour to as long as needed, at no additional cost to the owner.

How much should we expect to spend on the training of our dog?

Reasonable rates are applied, payable in installments, but for specific cost information regarding your dog, please contact Melanie. If the owner is not satisfied with the progression of their dog, there is no obligation to continue.

Where does the training typically take place?

Most of the dog training occurs in the home of the owner and outdoors in the neighborhood, where the problems frequently are. We are also available for sessions in local parks, malls, or elsewhere for your convenience. At All Breed Dog Training, we feel that it is crucial to train your dog in the environments which provide the greatest distractions, so that your dog can successfully learn to cope with those distractions.

Does contact with the dog trainer end after the program is completed?

Owners are provided with free unlimited lifetime support following the completion of the training program.

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