All Breed Dog Training
All Breed Dog Training
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Training in the Home for Quality, Life-long companionship. Behavior problems are welcome!


Training dogsOur individualized, simple, positive, and practical canine training approach will enable your dog to become proficient, attentive, and able to learn more quickly due to a marked reduction in impulsive behavior. Hyperactive dogs will become calm; shy dogs will gain confidence. By calling for more than simple rote obedience, state-of-the-art, individualized dog training programs are helpful to owners of even the most unresponsive and intractable of dogs.

Our educational program goes well beyond the scope of competing programs, with solid training in basic obedience plus an extensive focus on problem behavior. Careful attention is given to individual personalities and bad habits. We receive many calls from owners who have already taken their dogs to group classes, boarding schools, or who have exposed their dogs to other formats, telling us that "it didn't work." Many of our clients are "last chance" dogs whose owners have experienced poor results and continued unmanageability at other dog training schools/programs where behavior problems such as hyperactivity, jumping, chewing, housebreaking, digging and more are not adequately addressed (or not addressed at all). Remedies offered are typically ineffective, severe, or helpful to only a minority of dog owners.

State of the Art Dog Training

Obedience trainer

At All Breed Dog Training, we strongly believe that the prevention and resolution of bad habits and behavior problems are critical to ensuring your dog's future in the home. Furthermore, dog obedience training and the correction of your pet's bad habits is not time consuming or complicated. Dog training sessions are easily applied on short walks and around the house and are all that is necessary to build a foundation which lasts the life of your special friend.

Well trained dogsDuring the dog training process and beyond, our clients are encouraged to "spoil" their dogs because it is entirely realistic to have a pampered dog that is obedient. At All Breed Dog Training, we firmly believe that spoiling is not a hindrance to a well-mannered dog.

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